CARIOCA WAY OF LIFE - Manu Peclat: Rio de Janeiro Private Tour Guide

That's how the natives from Rio de Janeiro are known. CARIOCA is a word that comes from the indian TUPI language which means "CARI": white men; "OCA": house, and was used by the native brazilians on the 16th century to refer to the settlers who arrived here.
To be CARIOCA is a "state of spirit"... a "state of the art" way of life.

CARIOCAS care about being joyful, care about the nature conservancy, care about being young at heart, no matter their age...
CARIOCAS are the most privileged people in the world, for living in a place gifted by God with a beautiful nature, living in a city that grew up and spreaded out between the sea and the mountains.

 CARIOCAS are a proud kind of people, for having the world's largest urban forest inside their city's limits where they can take their families and friends on a picnic on the wekends and enjoy being amongst the beauty of a genuine rain forest. CARIOCAS are proud for having the world's largest urban lagoon, with its picturesque beautiful scenery, where they can go jogging or play water sports, or just take their kids and family to enjoy the beautiful city taking a ride on a paddle boat.
CARIOCAS are proud to have the opportunity to enjoy, every single day... whenever they want to, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, sang by poets, dream of thousands: Copacabana, Ipanema & Leblon beaches.

CARIOCAS are proud to share all the beauties of their wonderful city with whoever wish to come to RIO DE JANEIRO. You can be next!! Pack your bags and come to experience the real CARIOCA WAY OF LIFE!!